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Cost and Value

How do you put a price on human life?  

**Cost:** This refers to the actual financial expenditure required to acquire, produce, or maintain something. It includes both direct costs (e.g., purchase price, operating expenses) and indirect costs (e.g., time, resources) associated with a decision or investment.

 **Value:** Value represents the benefits, advantages, or worth of the product, service, or investment. It encompasses the positive outcomes, improvements, or advantages gained from a particular choice.

Fitz Ilias is committed to providing solutions to meet the unique needs of every partnership. To begin this process, we offer complimentary consultations aimed at gaining an understanding of your clinic's current requirements and long-term goals. Following this consultation, our team meticulously crafts a specialized proposal tailored to your specific needs, ensuring a mutually advantageous pricing strategy that aligns with your clinic's objectives. Our commitment to delivering customized solutions underscores our dedication to building enduring and productive client partnerships. 

Mental Health Integration as Easy as 1-2-3!

 1) Initial Consultation

~ Discovery call, meet your team, identify scope and need

~ We provide a customized estimate and proposal for services

~ Parties agree to an MOU and follow with a signed agreement

2) Prepare for Day 1

~ Delivery of customizable manuals, policies and procedures

~ Introduction of providers

~ Begin credentialing

~Site visit to review expectations, team building, leadership and management training for boots on the ground support staff (optional)

3) Success Implementation and Ongoing Support

~ Our services do not stop with seeing patients

~Modifying glitches and issues like scheduling, prescriptions, E-systems and feedback

~You will be delighted with our excellent customer service

~Periodic executive staff meeting for QI which often become less frequent over time

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