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Look around any corner, and you will see suffering souls. There has been a decline in the mental health of our daughters and sons, friends and families. Whether it is an increase in suicide rates, substance abuse, acts of violence, or depression, our cores continue to be shaken.


Unfortunately, rural communities, impacted by geography and resources, are highly vulnerable. Small communities come together, but the problems in delivering a desperately needed service like mental health care continue.  Some organizations have come together and banded forces to develop creative ways about how mental health care can be better delivered in rural communities. Do you want to be one of those organizations? 

Differentiate your clinic

Competition between hospitals is real, and the example of the MRI machine demonstrates this. For example, some hospitals believe the investment in a multimillion dollar machine will drive patients to their facility. But let me ask, what price would one put on the saving of a 16 year old’s life who was suffering from suicidal ideation and tendencies? To bring someone back from the brink of extinction to thriving, is immeasurable. Where do you think that person’s father and mother, extended family, and friends will go for care, forever. The trust that is built from helping someone through a mental health crisis is totally priceless.

Instant reputation and good standing in your community

Clinics that serve mental health are an instant magnet for your community partners, like schools, churches and other places of worship, shelters, and local governments. Once you can show a proof of the concept that your program works, you will forever be a trusted resource in your community.

Indirect financial and operational benefits

Did you know that it may cost over one million dollars in lost revenue to replace a good primary care provider working full time in your clinic? Provider burnout, or caregiver fatigue, is the number one reason why providers who wish to continue working leave a job. Primary care providers are uniquely under siege for handling every medical and emotional problem of their patients in rural communities. Why not give them a hand-up, support them from provider fatigue and burn-out, and allow them to continue being long-term leaders in your community.

Are you.....

A Rural Health Clinic?

Integrate a turn key mental health clinic right in your office and start seeing the benefits. 

1.) No hassle of recruiting

2.) We manage practitioners 

3.) Collaboration for higher needs psych patients

4.) Keep psych referrals in house

5.) Little to no wait times for psych appointments


We integrate psychiatric providers right in your clinic immediately and as many as are needed to meet your high demands.

1.) No more turn around with high priced temps

2.) Save millions on benefits packages for employees

3.) We cover doctor shortages and vacation time

4.) No more lapse in care

5.) Less wait times and happier patients


Are you spending tons of time and money recruiting providers only to end up with burnt out employees who leave? 

1.) We handle all the recruiting and benefits packages for practitioners

2.) No more cancelling appointments due to sick time, vacation time or doctor shortages

3.) When one practitioner leaves, ours step right in to fill the need.

Something Else?

We do a lot of work with many different types of facilities. From non profit veterans groups to inpatient rehabilitation facilities, inpatient hospitals, outpatient services and government facilities and counties and even special requests. We are a dynamic company willing and able to meet your unique needs. Give us a call to find out how!

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