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Delivering Exceptional Mental Health Care to Underserved Communities


We integrate exceptional, highly qualified, and board certified mental health practitioners such as Psychiatrists, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Physician Assistants, Collaborative Care and even Practice Management. Whatever your clinic needs, we can facilitate. 


We specialize in rural communities, RHCs, FQHCs, Drug and Alcohol Rehabs, Critical Access Hospital, Inpatient Hospitals, CMHCs, County Health Departments and anyone else who has a shared mission. Are you an outstanding clinic interested in parterning with a world class organization to integrate mental health services for your patients? 


We are not a short term staffing company. We carefully pair our practitioners to the clinic(s) that are the best fit to ensure a long lasting relationship on both sides. Are you an outstanding mental health provider interested in joining our team?

Why Partner with Fitz Ilias?

It's the right thing to do

Whole Person Care

Patients receive comprehensive care that addresses both their physical and mental health needs.

Early Intervention

Detecting and addressing mental health issues in primary care settings can lead to early intervention and better outcomes.

Improved Access

It makes mental health services more accessible when their primary care provider can refer directly to in house mental health services.

Coordinated Care

Coordinated care between primary care providers and mental health professionals ensures that patients receive integrated and well-coordinated treatment plans, leading to better outcomes.

Cost Effective

Preventing and managing mental health issues within primary care can be more cost-effective than separate specialized services.

Patient-Centered Care

Patients often prefer receiving care in a familiar primary care setting. Integrating mental health services allows for patient-centered care that aligns with patient preferences and comfort.

About Us

Our company headquarters are located in the small town of Payson Arizona. We know first hand the benefits and challenges of rural life and rural communities. Just like your patients, our friends, family and employees are also members of a rural community. We have a unique understanding of rural communities in the healthcare field.

Fitz Ilias builds mental health practices in places that desperately need them. 

Fitz Ilias believes in challenging the status quo. We believe anybody anywhere in the world should be able to connect with the health care providers of their choice.


We are a driven company who believes in providing excellent care, customer service, and patient satisfaction.

We put people before profits. We do not have share holders or bureaucrats to whom we are beholden. Our commitment to care, superb customer service, and dedication to patient satisfaction set us apart from the rest. Our decentralized model provides powerful convenience and speed. Our providers are paid excellent wages, given flexibility, and are able to focus on just patient care. Our methods empower us to be reliable, energetic, and motivated to serve our clients’ needs.

Turn Key Mental Health Integration

We provide everything you need to integrate mental health services right in your clinic!


"In my 3 years of direct knowledge and collaboration with Fitz Ilias, I have witnessed their dedication, expertise, and compassionate care."

Hospital CEO


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